Ambassadors of Bodoland 2018

Get to know the ambassadors and their creations from Bodoland

12 Creators, 7 Days & One Destination

We started the first edition of ‘Ambassadors of Bodoland’ with 12 travellers from different parts of India. All of them were on their maiden trip to Bodoland. Being a destination far removed from the highway of hashtags and social media check-ins, let alone travel guides and listings, except the itineraries and guidelines provided by our team, the travellers had limited information about the experiences awaiting them in Bodoland.

Ambassadors of Bodoland 2018 was a curious and adventurous bunch who were ready to delve into novel and fresh experiences. And they became the Bards of Bodoland, who used their varied forms of artistic expression to talk to the world about this gem of a place. Scroll down to see the content produced by AOB 2018.

Abhinav Singh

Travel Blogger & Writer

Abhinav has been listed many times as a top travel blogger from India. For him, something that started in 2008 as a deeply personal journey has now been translated into a blog and a career. More than 200 destinations in 21 states of India and 10 countries and 10 years later, he believes that travel has turned him into a better person.

Guide To Dwijing Festival – Riverside Offbeat Budget Event In Bongaigaon, Bodoland

Clicked from Manas

Clicked from Dwijing Art Installations

Clicked from Dwijing Art Performances

Alfred Basumatary


Alfred is a lifestyle and travel blogger from Bodoland. He has blogged extensively about his experiences in North East India, especially Assam. He is a hugely popular vlogger who documents cultures, festivals and markets. He was a professor of Physical Education and is right focusing on his passion for making youtube videos.

Vlog: Kalamati; Untouched Land of Bodoland

Ambassadors Of Bodoland at Dwijing Fest

Manas National Park Trip

Jeep Safari At Manas National Park

Elephant Safari At Manas National Park

Met Himesh Reshammiya at Dwijing Fest

Amrita Sen

Travel Blogger & Writer

Nerdy, moody and quirky, she simply loves to travel and write apart from finding reasons to irritate her better half. Amrita is a gypsy by heart, adventurous to the core, a headstrong person and a free spirit. Her passion to travel, experience new things and make new friends is what makes her a perfect travel companion.

Manas Maozigendri Ecotourism Society – From Poachers To Protectors

A Guide To Dwijing Festival In Bodoland

Why You Should Visit Bodoland & Manas National Park

Clicked During Bihu Performance At Manas

Handloom Photographed From A Bodo Household

Ananya Rajoo

Writer & Researcher

Ananya is a content creator focusing on culture, history and arts. She mostly creates in-depth articles on the topics that she is researching on and does visual documentation through photography. She works as the editorial lead for a magazine and also collaborates on design projects.

Photograph Of Our Hosts In Kaliagaon

A Stong Soul Photographed In Manas

An Evening Scene Clicked From A Bodo Village

A Surreal Moment Photographed From The Walk With Elephants

Clicked When We Stopped By A Stream In A Bodo Village

Indrani Ghose

Travel Blogger & Writer

Indrani is an avid traveler with a penchant for photography and road trips. She has traveled to over 22 countries and visited about 250 cities across the globe. She has been featured as a Google Local Guide from India 2019 and has been listed as a top Indian blogger multiple times. She loves street lamps and traffic islands.

Kalamati Popular Tourist Destination In Chirang

Dwijing Festival In Bodoland, Assam 2018 – 2019

Traditional Bodo Cuisine And Bodo Rice Beer

Jungle Cottages Of Smiling Tusker Elephant Camp

Where Do You Experience True Essence Of Bodoland?

Khushboo Motihar


Khushboo believes in the power of story telling and in using personal experiences to blog about things close to her heart. She started Munni of all Trades 4 years back to share her ideas, thoughts and views on things that she is passionate about. She blogs about things that make her happy.

A Day With The Elephants Of Manas National Park

Live The River At Dwijing Festival 2019

From Poaching To Conservation: Meet The Bravehearts Of Manas National Park

Click From An Evening At Dwijing Festival

A Shot Of The Boat Rides At Dwijing Festival

Namita Kulkarni

Traveler, Writer & Yoga Teacher

Namita is a yoga teacher, traveler and writer. Through (mostly) solo travel she has chased her fears across 14 countries and gotten to know them better with every (mis)adventure. With most adventures, getting into them was unintentional but getting out of them was a must. Her takeaway has been that she is bigger than her fears.

Bodoland, India – A Land Untouched

Our Hosts At Kaliagaon Who Organised The Village Visit In The Most Beautiful Way

A Joyful Moment Captured During The Village Visit

A Mesmerising  Sunset in Manas Captured From The Tea Plantations

Captured When We Took A Break During Our Trip To The Bhutan Border

Niharika Arora

Blogger, Photographer & Travel Writer

Niharika is an Architecture graduate, photographer, poet, artist and travel writer. Her soul loves to indulge with experiences which involve exploring the untrodden, living like a local and knowing the place and its people best by exploring their habitats. She looks at the world through the mesh of self-expression where she play the role of an artistically inclined architect who writes, does poetry and travels.

Wildest Confrontations Of My Life; 2 Days In Manas National Park

Kalamati And Bodo Village Visit: Stories From Bodoland

Bodoland And Dwijing Festival: Two Things For Your 2019 Travel Bucket List

Dwijing Fest, Bodoland | Assam Travel Vlog | The Iffy Explorer

Elephants Attacked Us | Jungle Safari | Manas National Park Travel Vlog

We crossed the border! Kalamati and Koila Moila

Pamela Mukherjee

Travel Blogger

While working with a hospitality group, Pamela learnt everything she knows about hotels, travel, food, marketing, social media, and started her journey as a travel blogger. Pamela is a traveller who loves comfort but jumps at every chance she gets to remain in experiential convenience like home-stays or hostels. She also loves trying different cuisines.

Dwijing Festival – An Ultimate Guide

Unspoken Story Of Bodoland That You Never Heard Before

A Magical Moment Captured During The Elephant Safari At Manas

Clicked When We Went Fishing In Kaliagaon With These Amazing Women

A Photograph Of  The Art Installations At Dwijing Festival

K A Shaji


K. A. Shaji is a South india-based developmental journalist, who regularly reports from the most backward regions of the state. A regular contributor to HuffPost India from Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, he is now working in areas of social advocacy and grassroots level development.

Sudhith Xavier

Designer & Artist

Sudhith is a designer and photographer who loves to explore undiscovered places. As an entrepreneur, he is deeply passionate about documenting and bringing attention to places which are under-represented or mis-represented in the digital space. As the founder of a magazine focusing on the history and culture of Kochi, he has been working on crafting stories on relevant topics which escape the attention of mainstream media.

Clicked At Kaligaon When We Visited The House Of  These Beautiful People 

The Magnificence Of Nature Captured During The Elephant Safari Through Manas

This Graceful and Friendly Lady in Bodo Attire Was Photographed At Dwijing Festival

A Serene Moment Captured From Kalamati

When The Boy Gang Who Tagged Along With Us In Kaliagaon Posed For A Photograph

Sunny Gala

Travel Photographer & Social Media Content Creator 

Sunny is a visual story teller, social media content creator and a travel photographer. During his travels, he loves to capture all the moments that tell you a story. He believes that “A picture is worth a thousand words.” He is known for his stellar photos from across India.

A Scintillating Festival Scene Captured From Dwijing Festival

A Photograph Capturing The Beauty Of Daybreak At Manas

A Fun Moment Photographed From Our Evening With The Elephants In Manas

A Graceful Shot From The Performances At Dwijing Festival

A Tiny Jumbo Photographed From Manas

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