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We conceived Ambassadors of Bodoland with the dream of inviting the world to enjoy the natural beauty and experience the unique culture of an untouched land in northern end of Assam, which has remained aloof from the rest of India for various socio-political and geographical reasons. Through Ambassadors of Bodoland, our aim is to create a platform where a select group of content creators from the digital media space come together and travel through Bodoland, following an itinerary consisting of purely local and authentic experiences.

This programme is created and executed by Root Bridge Foundation, in partnership with Assam Tourism, Bodoland Tourism and Dwijing Festival. It is an initial step towards a bigger plan of developing tourism in Bodoland in a responsible, sustainable and community-driven manner. Each year, we curate a group of content creators who, in their form of creative expression – whether it is writing, photography, videography, illustrations or something else – narrate stories from the heart of Bodoland. The chosen group of travellers will be on a fully-funded, week-long journey through this ecological and cultural gem of Northeast India.

Ambassadors of Bodoland is a voyage to feel the heart and soul of this gem of a place. With an interesting group of people from different parts of the world, you embark on an enriching journey through the emerald hills and the sapphire rivers and lakes of Bodoland and become a small and humble part of this land defined by its biodiversity.

In the foothills of the eastern range of the Himalayas, tucked away from a world that is frantically searching for ways of to return to the nature, the Bodo people continue to follow an age-old way of life which is intrinsically nature-friendly and nature-loving. Being an Ambassador of Bodoland is the perfect way to interact with these custodians and protectors of biodiversity and to learn the traditional wisdom and valuable knowledge behind their ecocentric living.

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